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Four Percent Group Review 2019

In this Four Percent Group Review you'll find out why I think it's probably one of the better programs that teaches beginners how to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch... (i.e. how to sell other people's & companies' products online), and is highly focused on teaching traffic & conversion strategies.

Four Percent Group Review - SUMMARY

  • PRO vs CONS

Name: Four Percent Group


Owner: Vick Strizheus

Overall Score: 85 out of 100


80 / 100

The Four Percent Group is a step-by-step over the shoulder training course to teach people affiliate marketing, in an action-based daily program.

It is focused on how to create & structure your funnels, how to create affiliate promotions and pre-frame content to increase conversions... and focuses on teaching a range of paid traffic generation strategies.



Affiliate Disclaimer:  Hey guys it's Steve here. I'm the author of this article and yes I’m actually an active Four Percent Group Member. Which means I stand to earn an affiliate commission from links on this Blog Post.

While I joined the Four Percent Group because I wanted to learn affiliate marketing and feel it it delivers great value, It’s not necessarily for everyone. 

I wrote this post so you can get more of an idea of what to expect from their training, and what type of things you would be expect to do daily… so that you can make an informed decision whether it’s right for you.

If you have any questions about Four Percent, feel free to reach out to me directly on Facebook here

What Is the Four Percent Group?

The Four Percent Group is basically 2 things:

1. It's a Step-by-step affiliate marketing course for Entrepreneurs.

2. It's a complex done-for-you sales funnel that allows you to earn commissions.

Four percent is not so much a biz opp as It is a training center to teach people affiliate marketing. While most biz ops are based around making you become just another distributor... with a general theme of telling you to keep upgrading and just send traffic...

The Four Percent Group is based around teaching you to become an independent marketer, and to be able to promote any affiliate product or company... based on Vick Strizheuse's own affiliate marketing system which has taken him to the top of leader boards time and time again in most every product he has promoted.

Who is Vick Strizheuse?


Vick is the founder of the Four Percent Group and is the person who will mentor you throughout the program.


He's been dubbed as 'the King of Online Traffic' due to a recorded history of running campaigns that had got over 551,219+ unique visitors daily on one campaign, and generating as much as 2,000,000 (yes, that’s two million) unique targeted visitors in a 7 day period … doing strategic media buys and running launches.

Some of his achievements are becoming the #1 top earning affiliate for some Clickbank offers, and becoming the top #1 income earner with certain Network marketing companies (e.g. Empower Network).

Background & History

He started online in 2005 with no money, and after trying a lot of things that didn't work found himself in a lot of debt. He struggled hard to convert his failure into success. His journey inspired himself to crack the “online success code”. He has used these same strategies over and over again with every company or offer he promoted after that, and he was able to attained desirable success. He helps total beginners get success with affiliate marketing, and claims to help people become millionaires and millionaires become multi-millionaires.

He has directed the training of over 3 million students from over 180 countries.

Since he started with no money... and went into debt before he found success, his strategies are catered for the beginner & intermediate marketers.

Given his success formula is able to be replicated over and over again, and he has even helped a lot of students succeed online... his Four Percent Group Challenge is definitely worth a shot!

How Does the Four Percent Group Challenge Work?

The Four Percent Group challenge is a step-by-step guided program where you can watch over Vicks shoulders and literally watch him build out campaigns from scratch in front of you (all with test accounts), and you can just follow along.

If you decide to get started, this is how it works;

1 - Create an Account:  You can create an account right here, which will get you immediate access to the back office of the challenge for the next 7-days for just $1 (can cancel any time).

2 - Log in and Activate the Challenge:  After creating your account, you login and can start Level 1 of the 60-day 'zero to 10k challenge' program.

3 - Complete the daily training:  One you start the challenge you will get access to the first day, and the lessons will unlock day by day after you complete each session. Simply follow along, watch the videos they will guide you through the whole process.

4 - Complete the daily action steps:  Each day has practical action tasks for you to complete. They build on each other every day, helping you build your business from scratch with practical steps you can simply watch and follow along with. 


The Four Percent group is broken down into 3 x separate CORE products

1 - The Challenge ($197/mo or $1,497 lifetime):    This is the main product. It starts off with a 60-day step-by-step zero to $10k challenge, which steps you through building your business from scratch, setting everything up, how to run traffic & promote products, and how to make affiliate sales online. When you join Four Percent you automatically get started into the Four Percent Group success challenge.

2 - Internet Traffic Mastery ($997 one time):    This is a specialty "Traffic Mastery" course. 12-different traffic methods, where Vick goes into depth on each one.

3 - eStage Blogging Platform ($97/mo or $497 one time):    This is the drag-&-drop blogging technology you can use to build your website (optional).

Note:  The prices indicated here are correct as of the publish date this article, and may be subject to changes or updates.

What You Get! - (What You Will Learn)

There are two aspects to running a successful online business, even if it's just with affiliate marketing.

There's the mechanics... knowing how to build all you online infrastructure and connect it all together, how to setup automation and structure your promotions. And then there's strategy and marketing psychology... how do you actually get traffic (visitors) to your website, and how do you convert that traffic into buyers. 

In These Modules You Will Learn...
The Techy Stuff

Follow on screen how to;

  • Use affiliate links
  • Build affiliate funnels
  • Run affiliate campaigns
  • Setup & write email autoresponders
  • Track clicks, leads & conversions
  • Tips & useful learning outcomes
Traffic Generation
  • Learn various traffic getting methods - primarily focussed on Paid Ads - (some free).
Strategy & Psychology

How to;

  • Create promotions
  • Attraction marketing
  • Creating a brand people want to follow
  • Create & structure my content that's attractive & engaging
  • increase conversions
  • Live reviews & critiques by Vick of Students' Landing Pages and Blogs.

Basically the cover all topics on Traffic, Conversions and selling digital products as an affiliate.

Can You Actually Get Results with Four Percent Group?

It's important to understand that being able to earn an income online with a digital business... like any business, is never guaranteed for everyone.

Results of Average Members - TESTIMONIALS

Just like any other online program, especially when it comes to starting an online business, selling products or making money in general... there is typically only a small percentage of people who actually get results.

Here is an article you can read where I place some testimonials and case studies of people who have actually gotten results from Four Percent... and also some negative testimonials of people who haven't gotten any results so you can make up your mind.

Read the testimonials on this page here.

My Personal Results promoting Four Percent | (CASE STUDY)

So I decided to run a test campaign, by sending some traffic directly to the Four Percent group myself, and put my own money on the line.

I have tried many different programs before (Empower Network, MOBE, Digital Altitude, Online Sales Pro, Lead System Pro...) however the Four Percent Group is the first program I was able to actually get results with.

I've documented my case study in a separate article you can find here.


"See the Results of the Mini-Campaign I Did to Test Drive the Four Percent Group System, where I Share My Results & Show Exactly What I Did"

  • What traffic I used
  • What was my total ad spend
  • What was the resulting sales
  • What was my approach
  • Contributing factors
  • Tips & useful learning outcomes

How Does the 4 PERCENT Group Compensation Plan Work

Basically... you get 30% commissions on all product sales made in the in-house Four Percent Group Marketplace.

the Four Percent Group 'Main Membership' - the SUCCESS CHALLENGE
  • 4 Percent Monthly ($197 a month) - Affiliate Payout is 30%... so $59.10/mo... or,
  • 4 Percent Lifetime ($1,497 one time) - Affiliate Payout is 30%... so $449.10 one time

The 4 Percent membership basically get's you access the whole back office, the "4 Percent challenge" program, and some of the in-house training's... as a customer.

You can either go $197/mo or pay $1,497 once for lifetime access. You will get commissions on the monthly and the lifetime, no matter what level you're at yourself.

the Four Percent Group CORE Products

Apart from the main membership, there are 2 x other products which are considered CORE products as part of the main training system;

  • eStage Blogging System MONTHLY ($97/mo) - Affiliate Payout is 30%... so $29.10/mo
  • eStage Blogging System LIFETIME ($497) - Affiliate Payout is 30%... so $149.10 one time
  • Internet Traffic Mastery Course ($2,497) - Affiliate Payout is 30%... so $749.10 one time
3rd Party Products (the MSI's)

4 Percent helps you earn multiple streams of income (MSI's) from 3rd party products;

You get access to these... and all the commissions from these with the basic membership.

  • ClickFunnels ($97 a month) - Affiliate Payout is 40%... so $38.80/mo
  • ClickFunnels FULL SUITE ($297 a month) - Affiliate Payout is 40%... so $118.80/mo
  • GetResponse BASIC ($25 a month) - Affiliate Payout is 33%... so $8.25/mo
  • AWeber BASIC ($29 a month) - Affiliate Payout is 30%... so $8.70/mo
  • ClickMagick ($47 a month) - Affiliate Payout is 35%... so $16.45/mo
  • NameCheap (Roughly $10/yr per domain)

These are all hard-coded to you and promoted for you through 'The $10k Challenge'... where people are taught how to build an online business from scratch using these tools.

These are drag-and-drop web builders, email auto-responders, link tracking software, domain web addresses and web hosting.

For me personally.... this is where the beauty of the 4 percent system lies and why I love it.

As you can see, the more people who you bring through the program... not only will they learn how to build their business step-by-step... but you will be building a passive recurring income.


Build all your Capture Pages, Landing Pages,  Sales Pages, Bridge Pages, Product Reviews, Order forms, Thank You Pages, Upsell / Downsells / Cross-sells, One Time Offers (OTO’s), Product Launches, Membership Areas, Webinars etc. - You can even try a Full Demo Here to see ClickFunnels in action.


This is what you use to build your list of email subscribers. You write a series of pre-written emails that deploy automatically to every person who signs up to your list via your Capture Page.


Track clicks, opt-in rates, conversions rates, track where your visitors are coming from, rotate & split test your pages AND cloak your links.


Purchase your domain names, or “.com” addresses from. E.g. if you want to set-up

Why this is a MAJOR benefit over other programs...

1. You're not just promoting 'education' or 'info'

2. You're selling actual products (software, web page builders, web hosting, CRM's etc.)

3. These can be used in any industry for any business (not just 4%)

4. People are getting something tangible for their money, ontop of education

5. If the Four Percent Group ever goes bust... It wont affect your commissions from these 3rd party tools. You will still have an income from these other sources. That's the beauty of setting up Multiple Streams of Income (not relying on just one company)

What Would I Be Expected to Do Daily... ?

On a daily basis, you will need to;

  1. Do the daily learning modules
  2. Do the action steps every day

You will pretty much learning traffic generation strategies, and learning how to promote products online.

The course is laid out in daily sessions, with each session having some learning's... with action steps at the end of each module.

Then it just comes down to taking action and implementing what you learned, and having a 'testing' mindset (be willing to try different things & experiment... not expecting that everything will work first go).

What Makes Four Percent Group Different to Other Programs? - How is it UNIQUE

1.)    You can earn commissions on some high ticket products without owning them

With your regular membership to the SUCCESS CHALLENGE, not only can you can earn recurring commissions on other memberships you sell, you also earn commissions on;

  1. The one time $1,497 membership upgrades
  2. Some of the back-end modules which are not part of the core products, but are part of the Four Percent marketplace (e.g. the E-com course, SEO mastery etc.)
  3. Some 3rd party products (like ClickFunnels) - e.g. you can get a ClickFunnels affiliate link here for free without having to own the software. Plug it into the FourPercent system and they will promote it for you.

In this way you can still earn high ticket commissions without being forced to own all the products (like other programs). You just purchase what you need. 

2.)    They pass on the commissions of 3rd party tools & resources to YOU... the affiliate!

Most programs or courses get you to go out as a distributor or affiliate and promote the company for a commission. HOWEVER... During the training modules the company will earn extra income by promoting tools like ClickFunnels, Getresponse etc.... during the lessons.

4 Percent is the first program where you get to plug in your own affiliate ID's... and they pass 100% of the commissions of all these tools & resources onto you


It's like your very own affiliate marketing course that you never had to create for yourself.

3.)    You STILL earn credit for the sale even when Four Percent do all the follow-up & re-targeting

As soon as you get a lead into the Four Percent system, that lead is HARD CODED to you.

the Four Percent team carry follow up campaigns with all leads, including;

  • Email follow-up
  • Traffic re-targeting campaigns

and you still get credit for any conversions based on this follow-up, AND you get access to your leads with a full tracking system in the Four Percent Group back office.

Most other companies only give you credit on the initial funnel. They get you to acquire the lead, and they follow up with all leads secretly on the back end.


  • It's not MLM or Biz-Opp
  • You will actually learn internet marketing skills
  • You are learning real strategies from someone who is a proven super-affiliate
  • It's practical & specific... not just tons of theory and generic training
  • You can apply these skills to any industry or product
  • It promotes real 3rd party products that actually help people (i.e. web building tools)
  • There is not a continuous up-sell model that keeps sending people down the rabbit hole
  • The quality of the training is actually quite good compared to other programs
  • It's focused on teaching real marketing skills that can be applied to any product or offer... and not just being tied into Four Percent
  • Based on my personal results, it converted better than any other programs I have promoted before, using the exact same traffic strategies (See full case study here).


  • The videos are only available online
  • One has to invest time and money to accomplish the tasks
  • Four Percent Group is fairly new so there are often changes & updates.
  • Some of the videos can get quite long. Can be a struggle to find the time to watch them.
  • There are up-sells (the other core products e.g. Internet Traffic Mastery) which they don’t make clear upfront. So you are not 100% clear on the total cost going in. 
  • There is high competition. 

The biggest shame about this program is that it is quite expensive.

If the standard membership was $49/mo, I would say without hesitation to give it a go, at least with 30 day success challenge as the quality of the training is quite good and you will learn a lot about affiliate marketing from a seasoned veteran with a proven system.

Unfortunately starting out at $197/mo is quite high and would push most peoples budgets.

While the course is quite good (and I have gotten a lot of value from it personally), it's probable more suited for those who have a budget to spend on online education, and a monthly budget for traffic (paid ads).


The Four Percent Group is by no means the perfect system and of course is not a guarantee that you will be able to plug in and get results without actually having to learn anything. You will have to work hard at it. It's a business! However compared to other similar programs I feel it has much better quality training out there, and a superior compensation plan.

It's probably a bit higher priced than I would like to see, which makes it difficult for newbies who are on a shoe-string budget (which is a shame).

The ultimate benefits of this program are that you get 100% commissions on a vast range of 3rd party products, including ClickFunnels, GetResponse, ClickMagick, Aweber, Udimi, BlueHost etc.. This is insanely cool!

Also the fact that your leads hard coded to you, even when Four Percent do all the email follow-up and re-targeting is pretty awesome since it will allow you get get maximum bang for your promotion efforts, and not a lot of other companies offer these benefits.

All in all... The training is good, although the price point is high for my liking, the compensation plan is fair... and even if you don't make any sales promoting Four Percent Group directly, at the end you will have your online business up and running and have learned some valuable affiliate marketing skills.

Also results are never guaranteed with any online marketing opportunity. As is the nature of marketing, you have to find your own unique way to connect with your audience, and create content that's valuable & engaging to your audience.

This applies to any system, product, opportunity or company you want to promote.   |   Affiliate Marketing Course

Four Percent Group Review - Affiliate Challenge - Summary

Content & Training  ::  7.5/10

The quality of the content is pretty good. You are learning proven strategies from a veteran super-affiliate, who has dominated the leaderboards in pretty much most of the products or companies he has promoted.

There are currently lots of updates happening which can be frustrating, but on the positive he is constantly improving the overall challenge itself (making it better & more streamlined).

The bad thing is... while Vick teaches step-by-step how to 'build' everything, he also talks a lot in terms of 'concepts' and 'strategy'... meaning you will still be required to go elsewhere (outside 4PERCENT) to look up specifics on how to do certain things.

e.g. While he shows us step-by-step how to build funnels, and set all the tech stuff up...When it comes to traffic he might talk about building a YouTube channel... but you would have to look elsewhere for exact steps on how to create a channel. 

This can also be seen as a good thing because he is teaching us how to 'figure stuff out', rather than rely on being spoon fed all the time.

Back Office Structure & User Experience  ::  10/10

The back office is set out really well and is extremely easy to navigate.

The lessons of the affiliate challenge are set out in a clear and easy to follow daily program, with learning modules and then action steps to follow each day.

The only thing it doesn't have right at this moment, is a place to put conversion tracking codes on their thank you page so you can track conversions with your own tracking links. They had this in version_1 of the program... hopefully they bring it back in the upcoming version_4.

But as far as the back office goes (in terms of structure) It really is streamlined quite well and provides a great user experience. 

Affordability  ::  5/10

I'm a bit 50/50 on this one.

On one hand, it is getting to the expensive side as far as digital courses go. With the general entry membership being quite high at $197/mo... or $1,497 one time (lifetime option). Once you get in the , then other main core product that is up-sold is 'Internet Traffic Mastery' for $997.

I believe the reason it's at this price point is because they want to filter out freebee seekers or people who join and never take any action.

If it were $49/mo as the entry I would say without hesitation to go for it. But since price is what it is, I'd just say to make sure that affiliate marketing is specifically what you want to learn as a topic.

Compensation Plan  ::  9/10

I'm a HUGE fan of Four Percent's comp plan.

Most courses or program, have affiliates help promote it, then the course owner earns more during the training when they recommend all the tools as the user goes through the modules.

With Four Percent... you can plug in all your own affiliate links, and then when users go through the course, you (the affiliate) get 100% of the commissions. This is absolutely awesome!

Apart from that... you earn 30% commissions across the board on all the Four Percent products. So even with just the general entry, you stand to earn monthly residuals on the $197 membership... and high ticket commissions on the lifetime upgrade option (30% on $1,947)

There's no downline commission structure as they re trying to move away from a MLM style organisation.

Versatility - Can It Be Used For OTHER things :: 8.5/10

While Vicks Four Percent Group Affiliate Marketing strategy can be used for any digital product or company or online opportunity, there is a high chance you will want to re-promote Four Percent due to the benefits of their compensation plan.

His strategies are focussed around building a brand, building and cultivating an audience,  creating pre-frame content to increase conversions, how-to tutorials to put together all the 'techy' stuff, building you main WordPress website as your central hub, tracking and conversions... and various advanced traffic generating strategies.

While these strategies can be used for anything you are promoting... there is less of a focus on physical products & drop shipping, however they include 'ECOM Entrepreneur' as a course sold separately in the Four Percent marketplace.

[wp-review id="2663"]   |   Affiliate Marketing Course

Please don't interpret any of these results as a promise or guarantee of your future earnings. Even though my personal results are modest, I still did spend a lot of time leading up to this learning how to write ads and setup the promotions. While Four Percent Group is the first business I was actually able to earn any income with... I did a lot of learning, testing, trial and error and practice leading up to this point. And while Four Percent Group will teach you how to do all this, it's still a skill you will have to learn, apply & practice, and your results will depend on the amount of effort and dedication you put into it.

Special Bonuses!

  • If you decide to get involved with 4PERCENT, you'll get my bonuses after you purchase from this site.

I believe that really understanding and mastering online traffic is one of the best skills you can learn when it comes to succeeding online.

My belief is everyone should master at least ONE paid, and ONE free traffic method.

That's why I believe in Four Percent Group, and also why I want to give you access to these BONUS training's, to help people get the best start online they possibly can.

How To Claim These Bonuses

To claim the bonuses... please forward a screenshot of the receipt from your membership to me at either:

Simply send me a message like, "Hey Steve, just joined FourPercent from your website, can you please let me know how I can get the bonuses?"... along with your receipt... and i'll hook you up 😉 

IMPORTANT:  - To qualify for bonuses, clear your computer cookies first in case you've clicked on another link before. You MUST sign up via a link from this page to qualify for the bonuses, and your bonuses will be active for as long as you are an active member of Four Percent.

For Those Who Become a Four Percent Group BASIC MEMBER, ($197/mo) You will also get:


Bonus #2  - My TOP RATED Products to Promote Online & How to Promote Them
Bonus #3 - Done-For-You 'MINI-FUNNEL' you Import into ClickFunnels
Bonus #4 - Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp
Bonus #5 - Instagram Domination 6-Part Mini-Course


  • The FREE FACEBOOK Method [VIDEO] ($197):  The exact step-by-step breakdown of how this expert marketer sponsored 2,500 - 3,000 people within 3 years (avg. of 16 - 19 per week) all with a Facebook method that's 100% FREE!
  • [Private Video] - INSTAGRAM training ($197):  Top Instagram Influencer Reveals his Secrets to growing a 1 Million Follower Instagram Account.
  • Free Traffic 6-Part Bootcamp ($197):  Free traffic tips you can use immediately to drive visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram




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