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Black Ops Underground Marketing REVIEW

Get Millionaire Mentoring and learn how to be the "ATTRACTOR-FACTOR" so you can get a steady stream of incoming inquiries with people wanting to know more about your business.
Black Ops Underground Marketing Review
The Private Facebook Group Gets You Access to ongoing Promo's, Launches and keeps you close to the FIRE!
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Get access to PRIVATE MILLIONAIRE mentoring sessions with Darren Little
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$1,050 one time + $299 annual membership
Black Ops Underground Review Logo 400x225 1

Black Ops Underground Marketing Review


Cost = $1,000.00 for Black Ops

+ $50.00 PayPal processing fee

+ $299 / yr for membership + licence rights


Is Black Ops Underground
Really Worth the Price?

Quick Summary

The GOOD:    The content of what you get in the training really is quite good. Darren Little literally holds nothing back and shows you exactly what you need to do to become successful on Facebook, how to generate targeted leads on a daily basis for free…. and teaches his private strategy on how to recruit new reps into any business in as little as 6 – 45 minutes.

The BAD:    There are no refunds and no 30-day money back guarantee, as it’s more of a mentoring program than an online ‘course’.

The BOTTOM LINE:    If you’ve meet the following criteria;

#1.) – Facebook is your chosen platform.

#2.) – You want to learn to recruit new reps into any business – or sell affiliate products without having to ‘pitch’, be ‘salesy’ or try to ‘convince’ people.

#3.) – You’re tired of wasting money on paid ads… and have decided that you must learn a free traffic strategy… that’s actually works…

Then you will definitely get value out of this program.

star rating red
Content & Training
Back Office Structure
Compensation Plan
Versatility - Can I Use the Skills it for OTHER things?
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DISCLAIMER:   Hey I’m Steve, and yes I’m actually an active Black Ops Member. Which means I stand to earn an affiliate commission from links on this Blog Post.

While I joined Black Ops Underground Marketing because I needed to learn a free marketing strategy and feel it it delivers great value, It’s not for everyone. 

I wrote this post so you can get more of an idea of what to expect from their training, and what type of things you would be expect to do daily… so that you can make an informed decision whether it’s right for you.

Full Black Ops Review Breakdown...

So What Exactly IS BlackOps Underground Marketing?

Black Ops Underground Marketing is a private mentoring group created by Darren Little and Ari Maccabi.

They help teach people who are currently struggling with online marketing… how to actually recruit new reps into any business in as little as 6-45 minutes… using a free Facebook marketing strategy.

This is mostly for people who are;

… Network Marketers and need to know how to recruit reps without having to ‘pitch’ or try to ‘convince’ people…

… Online Marketers who want to learn to get a consistent stream of daily leads on Facebook for free… 

… and Affiliate Marketers who want to learn a free traffic generation strategy using Facebook.

Black ops Facebook Page
** Black Ops Underground Marketing Review // The Private Facebook Group **

Key Features & Topics

  • Access to Private Millionaire Mentoring (Over 43+ hrs)
  • Learn the ZERO PAID ADS Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • Learn how to recruit new reps into any business in 6-45 minutes
  • The 1k Instant Commissions Facebook Formula (zero paid ads required)
  • Live recruiting training – Actually watch Darren Little apply this strategy & recruit new reps live in real time on screen… and explains his chat formula as he goes.

You will receive access to over 43+ hrs of private Millionaire Mentoring sessions where you will be taught this strategy… so they go really in depth into free Facebook marketing, and teach what all the leaders in the industry do.

Learning outcomes from these training sessions will be:

  • “Why People Fail in MLM”
  • “How to Never Get Rejected EVER AGAIN”
  • “How to Build Rapport in 5 MINUTES or Less”
  • “Stop Building Lists & BURNING through your Friends & Family”
  • “Why Target Marketing Will Make you RICH”
  • “How to make Instant PayPal Commissions on Facebook, selling high ticket product”
  • “How to Get INCOMING INQUIRES on Facebook”
  • “How to Tap Into The NO FEAR ZONE”
  • “How to Build Successful Marketing Campaigns”
  • “How To Be Branded and Positioned as a Leader INSTANTLY”
  • “How to recruit WITHOUT having to pitch your product or your deal”
  • “No More trying to ‘convincing’ people about your product or company”
    “How to promote any company or deal.”
  • “How To Get Endless Leads Using Social Media – Without Having To Spend a PENNY On Paid Ads”

You will also learn...

1.)  The Facebook Content Formula

Darren Little explains his Facebook content formula, which is responsible for having people chase you… so that you get incoming inquires with people asking about your business. He really delves much deeper than the typical RVL method (‘Results, Value, Lifestyle’ posts) that most people will teach on YouTube.

He also goes through tons of case studies, explaining the psychology behind writing effective posts… how to do the copy writing… how to use your content to build rapport with your audience even before you ever connect with them.

2.)  How to roll out a launch for new promotions

Ever wonder what the leaders do when they start promoting a new offer? Darren goes over how to do a build-up and lead into a new launch. You can do this over and over again no matter what new product or offer you’re promoting.

Companies come and go… products phase in and out of popularity. By applying this strategy, you will become the product because you will learn how to be the leader, give value and help solve peoples’ problems. After you learn this skill you will never have to depend on any one company or product again.

3.)  How to get results even if you’re starting from scratch (and have no results)

Most people thing that they can’t succeed online if they have no income story. This is not the case. Black Ops Underground Marketing teaches what you need to do even as a beginner, or as someone who have never gotten results online before.

 – What to do to get your first ever results (even if you don’t have an income story)

 – How to build and compound on your small successes

 – How to scale your business when you hit plateaus

4.)  How to get team duplication

Part of being seen as a leader is based on “can you get results for other people?”. Black Ops teaches you what you need to do with your prospects, to walk them through the process and to help them actually get income stories for themselves.

This in turn will help you reach higher plateaus, because it will set you up as a leader… 

If you want to succeed at the higher levels… it becomes more about how well can you help others get their results?. I like this part of the program as no other course I was part of actually ever taught how to do this.

5.)  How to never get rejected 

I’ve personally found that online marketing is a funny thing. It really is like dating. The more you ‘try’ to make sales… the more ‘desperate’ you are to just get that result… the more you try to ‘sell’ and ‘chase’ prospects… the less sales you actually make… and the more ‘resistance’ there seems to be.

Black Ops actually teaches you the psychology behind making people want to chase you… instead of you having to try and chase or convince people about your product.

If you’re getting no results in your business… chances are you’re doing some of the following;

  • Slapping links all over the place
  • Throwing money at Solo Ads hoping for conversions
  • Trying to tell everyone how amazing your product is
  • Talking about features & benefits
  • Trying to remember everything about the company or the board of directors
  • Having to try and explain complicated comp plans
  • Experiencing tons of rejection

Black Ops teaches a way to recruit people into your business in record time and you don’t have to do any of those things.

But… you will need to create content, provide value on your Facebook wall… and connect with your audience to help them solve their problems.

Robbie (one of the successful students from the Black Ops Underground Marketing program who made decent returns his first month after applying the strategy) explains it well in his post here;

Black Ops underground Review Robbie Text 01 s3

6.)  Build a business WITHOUT having to harass your friends or family!

At one stage I joined a traditional Network marketing company, and was told to make a list of my top 200 friends & family… and absolutely thrash that list.

This is called the ‘churn-em and burn-em’ model. And the companies don’t care whether you burn your friends, … and leave a trail of carnage behind… and whether you have to go through emotional paid to get get the sale. This is not how you do marketing.

Because the beauty for them is… they get to have thousands of distributors out there spreading the word about their product.… it’s just a numbers game. 

This is not how you do marketing.

A great feature of Black Ops Underground Marketing is they teach you how to get an unlimited number of red hot targeted leads for free. Meaning… how to find people who are already qualified for your business.

You can even start getting these leads day #1… and the best part is you don’t need to use paid ads.

7.)  How to promote any product or company – “It’s not about the company”

Ever noticed how guru’s, or certain people can go from company to company and always seem to get on the leader boards?… because I sure did.

You will learn how to promote any product or company… and guess what…

  • It’s NOT about the features
  • It’s NOT about the benefits
  • It’s NOT about trying to convince people about how good the product is
  • you will NEVER have to pitch your product again…
  • You will NEVER have to try to convince anyone again…

8.)  How to recruit new reps into any business in as little as 6 – 45 minutes

Now this might seem like a pretty bold statement… and may seem unbelievable really.

… and I normally wouldn’t believe this either… until I actually saw it for myself. And sure enough, Darren actually does it LIVE on zoom broadcasts, so people inside of the Black Ops Underground Marketing group can actually watch him do it. 

And here’s the crazy part…

Once you get to watch Darren actually do live recruiting… in real time live on screen… to find out what does he say? what kind of questions does he ask people? You will be surprised (just like I was)  just how simple this strategy can be.

This alone (to see live recruiting) is worth the $1,349 price for the program (in my opinion).

Obviously the average person won’t be able to recruit at this speed in the beginning… but it’s definitely a worth-while skill to develop. 

How Does Black Ops Work?

Since the front end strategy of Black Ops is to teach people how to sell a $1,000 valued product on Facebook using a free Facebook strategy… they do this using the Exitus Elite product.

Exitus is the vehicle that allows you to earn the commission. You Purchase the Exitus Elite product for $1,000, and pay the $299 annual membership fee. This then allows you to ‘own’ the Exitus product and go re-sell it for $1,000 commissions, that get’s paid directly to you.

Total cost = $1,000 for the product + $50 for PayPal fees + $299 annual fee = $1,349 U.S.

Here are the steps;

1 – Create an Account in EXITUS – To get qualified into Black Ops Underground, first you must become a G1000 member in Exitus. To do this you first sign-up to Exitus Elite for $299 / year (or $99/quarterly).

2 – Get Qualified and Purchase the G1000 Genesis Product – Then you purchase Exitus’ ‘Genesis Library’ package which costs $1,000. To do this you send $1,050 to your sponsor via PayPal ($50 cover PayPal fees). Your sponsor is whoever it was that introduced you to Black Ops. Their details will be in your Exitus Back Office, along with how to make the payment.

3 – Get Added to BLACK OPS UNDERGROUND MARKETING – Once you have made the payment, your sponsor will confirm they have received the payment. Once this happens, your sponsor will add you to the Black Ops Underground Marketing private Facebook group, and send you all the Black Ops training material.

Black Ops Underground Entry Process 1024x537 1

For a more detailed step-by-step walkthrough of the getting started process go to this section here

Are there any upsells, OTO's, upgrades... and hidden or locked away content?

No! There are no other offers, upgrades, up-sells or locked content.

There are a lot of programs out there, that start off with a low entry price to get you in… but then seem to constantly up-sell… and up-sell… and up-sell you… to higher and higher levels. 

MOBE …Digital Altitude …Online Sales Pro … Four Percent Group, …

These are all examples of programs that get you in on a membership from $37-49 a month… but then have locked areas… with a constant up-selling process before you can actually get any benefit from the program.

This means most of their ‘course’ is actually just a big pre-frame, selling you on the higher packages… and so don’t actually deliver any real training.

Black Ops Underground Marketing does not follow this formula. 

You purchase, you get in, you get access to everything.

Are there ANY other costs at all that I should be aware of?


While there are no other costs associated with the BlackOps program, there will be other basic costs to running an online business in general, that you should be aware of.

These might include basic tools to build your online business, like;

  • Create sales funnels & promotions:  I use ClickFunnels
  • Email autoresponder:   I use GetResponse
  • Domain name (to buy your own   I use NameCheap
  • Website Hosting for your Blog:   I use Hostgator
  • a Professional Drag-&-Drop page builder for WordPress:  I use Elementor
  • Link tracking & cloaking: I use ClickMagick

These are all typical tools or resources that might be required to run your online activities regardless of which programs you are promoting. 

Just be aware that these are examples of additional costs you may need to consider.

What Would I Be Expected To Do Daily... To Succeed With Black Ops?

So to be able to successfully generate leads on Facebook daily, and to recruit reps or close sales using this free Facebook method, you would be expected to be able to to the following things…

Starting out, on a daily basis you would need to;

  1. Post on Facebook every day
  2. Build your friends list
  3. Chat with people on Facebook Messenger
  4. Connect with new people every day
  5. Have casual conversations (not pitching your product or company)
  6. Min. time required = 2 hours per day

Your results would ultimately depend on how many times a day you ask the ‘closing question’… (where Darren shows you exactly what to say to close sales).

Once you get the hang of this, to scale up your business you would be expected to be able to do the following;

  1. Do 1-on-1 coaching with your new members. Simply guide them through the process.
  2. Hold group hangouts / trainings say once a week or fortnighly (via Zoom or Google Hangouts).
  3. Post video content on your Facebook (training, tips, strategy, teaching new things you’ve learned etc.)
  4. Develop your own personal brand (your own ‘special sauce’)
  5. Become more of a leader.

Here’s an example of Samuel, who took on board what was taught inside of Black Ops… surrender his ego, applied the formula and because he took action and applied the strategy every day, came away with a very impressive first month.

Black Ops Underground Results Social Proof Samuel

** IMAGE:  Black ops underground marketing review  //  Samuel’s first week results **

** See this video below to hear from Samuel about his first week in black ops **

Black Ops Underground Marketing Review :: Learn what Samuel did DAILY to get this result

Black Ops Underground Marketing ultimately teaches you how to step into your own power, become a leader, and create your own unique branding that will be ‘additional to’ or seperate to the Black Ops training.

Obviously some of the things you would be expected to do might make you feel uncomfortable in the beginning.

Like doing Facebook lives… 

… hosting a group hangout, or webinar… 

… talking to and making new friends on Facebook.

Black Ops will push you to step out of your comfort zone.

If you can see yourself doing these kinds of activities… then there’s no reason you can’t make sales with this strategy

If you know you need to get better at:

… recruiting, 

… building teams, 

… getting team duplication, 

… able to coach & get results for other people

… doing live videos, 

… public speaking, 

… doing webinars, 

… delivering your own unique message, 

… building your personal brand,

… becoming a leader in the industry… 

… Learning how to position yourself so people seek you out…


then Black Ops Underground Marketing will definitely help get you there.

Who Is The Black Ops Underground Marketing Training is Suited For...?

Taking into consideration the previous section, based on the type of activities you would need to do daily to really get worth-while results out if it… 

Here’s who I would recommend this program for (and who it’s not for);

Who This Is NOT For...

Black Ops Underground Marketing is NOT for people who…     

Not that there’s anything bad or wrong with not wanting to do these things, it just means you likely wont get value out of the program, and so it’ll be a waste of $1,349.

Who Black Ops IS FOR ...

Black Ops Underground Marketing IS for people who…     

     KNOW they need to master a free traffic strategy that works 

     WANT TO see a millionaire mentor recruit reps live on screen

     WANT TO be able to build their own special unique personal brand

     WANT TO be able to become the ‘attractor factor’ on facebook

     ARE SICK OF pitching their products, feeling like a spammer 

ARE SICK OF getting involved with program after program getting no results, but tons of rejection

ARE SICK OF of spending more & more money on traffic, just going further down the rabbit hole in debt, wondering why they can’t convert & make sales.

ARE 100% committed to making this online thing work… but perhaps don’t quite know how just yet

ARE PREPARED to put in 2 hrs a day… for at least a 30-90 days period implementing this free Facebook strategy.

If you are already in a business where you are using Facebook, posting content, doing video and you are in personal development, but you just can’t seem to get the results you want or make any sales and just can’t figure out why?… then this programs is definitely for you!

Since you are already doing the activities… you can plug in an it’s likely you could start making your first commissions your very first week.

If you’re completely new, just realize it takes 3 weeks of practicing a new skill daily to break inertia 

So if you are willing to put in the effort and apply the strategy for 30-90 days, then I believe you will get a lot of benefit from this program.

… it takes 3 weeks of practicing a new skill daily to break inertia 

This stands for any new skill or habit you want to learn.

So if you are willing to put in the effort and apply the strategy for 30-90 days, then I believe you will get a lot of benefit from this program.

One Thing You MUST Have...

If there was one thing I’d say to need to succeed with Black Ops Underground Marketing… is you must have a strong work ethic, and be able to engage with your audience.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

Black Ops Underground Marketing Review - $35k his FIRST month with ZERO PAID ADS.

Robbie has had probably one of the most impressive first month results applying the Black Ops Underground Marketing strategy at just 17-years old.

While his results are definitely not typical…these posts of his might give some insight into the kind of attitude and mindset of someone who would succeed with this system.

As you will see it’s more about;

  1. Providing value to others
  2. Not letting your excuses get in your way
  3. having a strong work ethic
Black Ops Underground Review - Mindset of a $35k per month earner
The Secret to unlimited leads & incoming inquiries

Ever wondered how to get a whole bunch of incoming enquiries daily… with people asking you for information about what you’re doing?

This is exactly how the pro’s are doing it. And while most people tell you to go spend money on paid ads… what they don’t tell you is behind the scenes they are also actually using free strategies like this to fund all their traffic campaigns and their high ticket products.

This is why Black Ops is good because they leach you to use these free strategies to fund your online business and traffic campaigns (and not using the ‘debt model’ by maxing out your credit cards… or diping into your life savings)

If you can really just apply what is taught in Black Ops you should be able to make sales without having to worry about spending money on paid ads.

What do the OTHER Students Have to Say About Black Ops Underground Marketing?

One thing that really stands out with this program over others is just the fact that so many beginners are able to step in, apply the strategy, and get results.

These are people who never had an income story before, never had big followings… and still were able to get results after going through Black Ops Underground Marketing.

22 y/o Dhani 

Spinning His Wheels Getting Buried in Debt From Paid Ads with Programs That Never Worked…

… hear about his breakthrough with BlackOps

** quick 4:11 video **


From Eviction Notice & on Verge of being Homeless with 6 Kids, having the water shut off…

… hear about her breakthrough with BlackOps

** quick 4:01 video **

21 y/o Samuel

Went from getting no results, family went homeless after his factory job was not able to cover the bills… 

… hear about his breakthrough with BlackOps

** quick 6:26 video **

Retired Couple Jennifer & Paul

How this Retired couple went $120k into debt with a high ticket company who told them to keep upgrading and spending money on Ads…

… hear about their breakthrough with BlackOps

** 7:40 video **

Real People. Real Results

This video discusses briefly the success stories of other newbies & regular people and their track records with Black Ops Underground Marketing.

Watch the Full Webinar Explainer Here For More Info

Red Arrows down

So Who Is Darren Little?

Who will be teaching you these skills?

One benefit about this program is you get trained by an actual Millionaire Mentoring, Darren Little, who has a proven track record in the internet marketing and online recruiting.

Not only do you get access to his speed recruiting formula where he does live on screen actual live recruiting… and get to see how the 7-figure income earners actually do it…

But you also get access to ongoing live Millionaire Mentoring sessions hosted by Darren from within the Private Black Ops Underground Facebook group after you join.

Darren is a very genuine, heart centred leader who really cares about people. This is clearly evident when you hear him speak enough… and he will say the hard truth when it’s needed. He will basically “tell you how it is”.

He continuously holds training sessions, not only for his team members (long after they’ve paid and joined his programs), but ALSO for his students’ downline… that is people who have never paid him directly. He gives a lot of his time to the Black Ops community to help all members succeed with this system (regardless of how they’ve joined).

black ops underground review who is darren little 1024x632 1

** IMAGE:  Black ops underground marketing review  //  Darren Little’s background **

BlackOps Underground Marketing - PROs vs CONs


Black Ops Underground Marketing Review - Summary

Content & Training :: 10 /10

If mastering Facebook and being able to get daily leads to your business with zero paid ads is what you’re looking for… then you will definitely get value from this program. 

We also really like the fact that Black Ops teaches free traffic that’s reliable and you don’t have to wait months for to kick in.

Back Office Structure & User Experience :: 8.5/10

There really is no ‘back office’ per say. 

You’re really paying for Mentoring Training… and to learn a Skillset (which is the zero Ads Facebook marketing strategy).

So it’s really up to you to navigate your way through the training materials provided.

Affordability :: 7.5/10

This will of course depend on your personal financial situation and tolerance to what you think is good investment.

Yes, $1,349 is expensive… but it’s all relative to what? Black Ops teaches a free traffic strategy, that’s effective and can get results fairly quickly (if you apply it). If you’ve been frustrated with spending money on paid ads an not getting conversions, then this could save you tons  more in the long run.

Compensation Plan :: 9/10

Considering that typical commissions in the industry range around 35-40% on high ticket products, the fact that you get $1,000 commission per sale on a $1,349 product is pretty good

On the downside there are no monthly residuals, or multiple back end offers to earn commissions on (but they do teach you how to integrate these into your business from other places).

Versatility - Can It Be Used For OTHER things? :: 9.5/10

Black Ops Underground Marketing teaches a real skill-set that’s tangible and lasting.

How to brand yourself… so that you become the product, and how to recruit new reps into any business in 6-45 minutes.

This skill can be transferred to any company or product you’re promoting… even into Real Estate, Closing Corporate Deals, Getting a Pay Rise in your job… and many other applications.

Black Ops Underground Marketing


Black Ops Logo CLEANER


  • Free traffic strategy
  • Goes really in depth into this one strategy
  • High commission % payout
  • No up-sells or locked content
  • No more going further into debt
  • No refunds or money back guarantee
  • $299 annual fee that you don’t earn commissions on
  • Not everyone succeeds with it
Content & Training
Back Office Structure
Compensation Plan
black ops underground marketing review summary table
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How to Get Involved

So if you’ve already watched the full webinar training, and you’re keen to get started with Black Ops and learn the zero paid ads marketing strategy…

Then here are the steps to get set up;

author user icon smile2 240x240 1

STEP 1 – Watch the Full Webinar explainer here (if you haven’t already)

STEP 2 – Follow the ‘Sign Up’ Instructions on the Webinar Page – (note: they display on the page after 2 minutes)

STEP 3 – Send me a Private Message on Facebook telling me you are interested in Black Ops Underground.

I will personally help guide you through the whole process and get you set up.

Steve Facebook Page 02

Don’t know what to say?… you could simply write:

“Hey Steve, I just read your Review of Black Ops from your website and interested in getting started.”

Here are the steps to get you started:


STEP 1:   Get registered with your Exitus back office here

STEP 2:   Select G1000, then choose $299 yearly admin fee (or $99 quarterly option)

STEP 3:   Purchase the G1000 Genesis Library here 

STEP 4:   AFTER You Have Paid, Click the Green Button That Says YES I’VE PAID!

(In your Exitus Back Office, left menu, under ‘Financial’, click > ‘Payments Made’, then select > ‘G1000 Paid’)

STEP 5:   Message me on Facebook here and Let Me Know You’ve Completed the Steps!


Welcome to the team!

Extra BONUSES For Those Who Want To Get Started Today!

BONUS 1 Internet Traffic Formula rev3 345x1024 1
BONUS 2 High Traffic Academy 2 545x1024 1

Claim your Bonuses & Get Started Today

author user icon smile2 240x240 1

STEP 1 – Watch the Full Webinar explainer here (if you haven’t already & want a preview of the type of training you will receive)

STEP 2 – Follow the ‘Sign Up’ Instructions on the Webinar Page – (note: they will display on the page after 2 minutes)

STEP 3 – Send me a Private Message on Facebook when you’re done… or at any stage through the process.

Steve Facebook Page 02

Don’t know what to say?… you could simply write:

“Hey Steve, I just read your Review of Black Ops from your website and interested in getting started.”

Thanks for reading my black ops underground marketing review.

Look forward to talking with you soon,

Email sig 3
author user icon smile2 150x150 1


Hi Everyone! Steve here. I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I created Online System Reviews to help guide and inform people, and to ensure they are making the right choice when it comes to online courses and training programs. This was my Black Ops Underground Marketing review. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment below! Enjoy!

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