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Affiliate Marketing 101 | Step-by-Step the Basic Setup

Everything You Need to know... to

Build Your 

Affilaite FUNNEL

Funnel flow image horizontal

This blog post outlines what’s actually involved in setting up an affiliate marketing campaign… and how to put it all together, in a step-by-step action plan to help guide the beginner along the process.

In this post you will learn how to create an Affiliate Marketing funnel from scratch in 7-simple steps.

the 7-Steps to Setting Up Your Affiliate Marketing Business from SCRATCH...

  1. Find something to Promote - (You need a product to sell)
  2. Get a Unique Domain Name -
  3. Setup an Email Auto-Responder
  4. Create a simple 2-page Funnel - (Landing Page + Bridge Page)
  5. Create some Bridge Content that promotes / showcases your product
  6. Ensure you have tracking setup - (to monitor clicks & conversions)
  7. Get Traffic! - i.e. start getting visitors to your funnel / promotion
  8. BONUS (Long Term Goal): Create a Full Website based around your primary niche market

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AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER:     Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase from this site I will make a commission. This comes at no additional cost to you. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they are right for your specific purpose and needs, and that they will help you achieve your goals in some way.

You do not need to use all or any of these resources to be effective online, nor to implement the strategies outlined in this post. These are suggested tools only based on my experience, what I use and find effective. The important thing is about the process rather than the tools. When it comes to tools... there are many different options.

The Affiliate Marketing BLUEPRINT

Here is a blueprint image of the simple Affiliate Marketing funnel:

Screen Shot 2018 11 13 at 10.01.31 pm

It involves 2 x simple web pages that you will create (the Landing Page and Bridge Page)... and these are the pages that you will drive traffic to.

Your Bridge Page will then direct visitors to your affiliate offer (using your affiliate link).

Then you will have a set of pre-written emails that will be sent out to follow up with your leads automatically.

Here are the steps to building this funnel:

The 7-Steps - Breaking it Down

STEP 1 Find a product to promote as an affiliate – (this is your offer).

STEP 2 – Get a domain name URL for your campaign. Example,

STEP 3 – Create a simple marketing funnel to promote your offer to your target audience

You only need 2 x simple pages.

  1.  Landing Page - (opt-in form)
  2. Thank-You (Bridge) page - This page delivers your Lead Magnet and links to your Affiliate Product

STEP 4 – Ensure you are using a Opt-in form to capture your leads and build your list of email subscribers (the Opt-in form is usually the first page that your traffic lands on)

STEP 5 – After people opt-in through your Landing page, send them to a bridge page which delivers a lead magnet (some kind of value based content).

STEP 6 – Create a pre-written sequence of emails that will follow up with your leads on auto-pilot (delivering value & helping to solve their problems).

STEP 7 – Once it's all setup... Then send traffic to your marketing funnel

Why Is This Important?... Because...

steve fero smile2
Quotation marks image 03

“Before you can start running traffic to your business... you first need to BUILD IT!"


Here's another example of what this affiliate funnel will look like:

Example -

the Basic Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Affiliate Superheroes Basic Affiliate Funnel

As you can see from the image above, this funnel also includes the following parts;

OPTIN PAGE  |  to Collect Email Subscribers

This is typically the first page your visitors (traffic) land on, also known as the Landing Page. On this page you want to;

  • Have a compelling HEADLINE that solves a problem
  • Offer a LEAD MAGNET... hinting at what people will 'get' on the next page.
  • Have a 'CALL TO ACTION' -  a button that people will click to get to the next step.

BRIDGE PAGE  |  Delivering Value Based Content

You typically don't want to just send people directly to a product.

The Idea is to always give people 'value based content first, which is informative, answers their questions, educates, gives them what they are looking for, and pre-frames them onto the benefits of your offer or product.

Then if they then decide to buy, it will be because they have made the decision themselves, since they see the value in it based on the information you provided... rather than having someone push them into spending money.

AFFILIATE OFFER  |  The Product You're Selling

All you have to do is find an offer you wish to promote, and you will be provided an affiliate link! 

You will send visitors from your Bridge page, to your affiliate offer.

EMAIL FOLLOW-UP  |  Ongoing Communication

This is where you build and maintain your relationship with your leads.

Since the people who opted into your initial Landing Page are interested in the topic of your business, product or service... your email list is now a source of warm qualified traffic that you can tap into over & over again for free!


In the following sections I'm going break down the process of creating your affiliate funnel in 7-simple steps.

It may seem daunting at first...

... but master these 7-steps and soon you will be like a special ops soldier able to put together his rifle while blindfolded... even in the heat of battle!

Now let's deep dive into each of these steps one-by-one so that you have all the information you need to build your very own affiliate marketing funnel.

Goku Power Up Lets Get Started2


STEP 1 - Finding Affiliate Products / Offers to Promote

FIRST - Pick Your Territory / Choose Your Niche

This is about knowing what is your niche market. What topic are you going to build your content around?

There are many niche markets you can get into.. I would recommend getting into something that you know a lot about, and/or something that you're passionate about.

If you're going to spend a lot of time invested into it & creating content around it... you might as well enjoy it!

Here are just some examples of niche markets....


  • Photography
  • Sports
  • Cars & Auto
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food & cooking
  • Dating & relationships
  • Finance
  • Stocks & Investing
  • Forex trading / Bitcoin
  • Apps
  • Credit repair
  • Drop shipping
  • Physical Products / E-com
  • Coaching & consulting
  • Entertainment
  • Film & Photography
  • Tech & electronics

SECOND - Find Products

Once you know what topic you want to be in, then you want to find products that compliment that topic, and would be useful or of value to your ideal customers!


A great place to start is with an affiliate network.

An affiliate network is like a online database of digital products you can search through to find products to promote. They're usually FREE to join, and you can search for products based on the category of your chosen niche market.

ClickBank is an example of one of the more popular & well know affiliate networks for digital products. You simply create an account, search their product database depending on what category your market is.... find products to promote.... and then you will get given an affiliate link.

The affiliate link is what you use to promote the product.

Anytime someone clicks on this link (which is coded to you) and makes a purchase... you get credit for that sale... and ClickBank will send you a commission (which can be anywhere from 35% to up to 75% of the product value).

Clickbank image


  • Clickbank
  • JV Zoo
  • Commission Junction
  • Etsy
  • Amazon Associates
  • Commission Junction

THIRD - Product Ecosystem - (Get a Product Range)

Apple ascention products

Ideally you want to have a series of different affiliate products in the same niche to promote, that are complimentary.

Why Do You Need Multiple Products?

If a customer is willing to buy from you, then chances are a small number of your customers will also purchase additional higher ticket products ... or other related products that you offer.

As a suggestion, you might want to start with;

  • One LOW Ticket Front end product  :  from $7 - $197.00
  • One HIGH Ticket Back end product  :  from $500 - $1,000+
  • One CONTINUITY Product  :  Monthly recurring e.g. $49 / month

Take "Apple" for example. One thing they do which is genius is they have a tiered product structure. 

Having a product eco-system like this will allow you to increase the average transaction value per customer over the long run, and will allow you to earn more by doing the same activities, than if you were only promoting one single product.



Another way to find affiliate products is to go to certain companies websites... and sign up for their affiliate program directly!

If a company offers and affiliate program, you can usually find a link in the footer of their websiteClickFunnels is a good example.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program 1

One great thing about some affiliate programs these days, is certain companies will allow you to earn commissions on ALL of their back-end offers if the customer goes on to buy more stuff (not just the main offer you promoted).

... this includes all the other back-end up-sells and ongoing promotions. 

This means you stand to earn multiple commissions... over multiple products... from just one affiliate link!

clickfunnels 2 2


Here are some if the benefits of a good affiliate program like Clickfunnels;

  • Free to join
  • 40% Recurring commissions
  • A proven product (software)
  • Promotion materials provided (email copy, banners)
  • Earn commissions on multiple back-end offers & up sells.
  • You don't actually have to own the product yourself
  • Great community
  • Competitions & prizes
  • Facebook group support
  • Free affiliate 'bootcamp' training
  • Supported by names like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Vick Strizheus and many other top industry marketers.

There's ZERO Cost in Joining This Affiliate Program

If a customer is willing to buy from you, then chances are a small number of your customers will also purchase additional higher ticket products ... or other related products that you offer.



Get Your Own UNIQUE Domain Name for your promotions

Now that you know what niche you're in... and what product you're promoting... The next thing you will want to do is get your own personal branded domain name.

This is a unique web address you will use for your affiliate promotions and will look something like, is a good example of a domain name provider you can get a 'DOT COM' name from as little as $11 a year.

NameCheap com for Purchasing Unique Domain Name 1

Why Do You Need a Unique Domain?

They look good, they look clean and neat (less spammy than your affiliate link), they tell people what your offer or site is about (i.e. good branding)... and you will get higher click rates on a unique & custom website URL.

You always want to be thinking with the end in mind. There are at least 2 x different scenarios you might want to use a custom domain name for. These are;

1.   YOUR MARKETING CAMPAIGNS - This is a website domain that will be more geared to whatever promotion you're running. It will be specific to the particular product, promotion or campaign you are marketing. 

It is typically specific in nature.  /  /

2.   YOUR MAIN WEBSITE or BLOG - This will be for your main website, or hub. This is your home on the internet, and reflects your core business.

Where as your marketing campaigns are about a certain promotion you're running, or related to a specific product you want to sell... your website is about YOU or your BRAND.

In this case the URL name may be more general to describe your brand, rather than about a specific promotion. For example;  /  /  /

Why Can't I Just Promote My Direct Affiliate Link?

When you are given your affiliate link, it usually looks something like this:

If you start posting links like this around on social media pages .. you will not get many people clicking on them.

Why? Because It looks ugly, and it looks spammy and suspicious.

Getting a Unique Domain name will not only make people feel better (more safe) to follow your link... people will also be able to recognize your brand.

Also... If a link says then the person knows what brand they are following (TheFitnessCrew), and also what they will expect to get (90-day-challenge). This will;

  • Increase your clicks
  • Save your time & effort by not posting links that wont get clicks
  • Save you money - e.g. paying for an email Solo Ad and people not clicking your ugly link 
  • Help people become familiar with your brand



Setting Up Your Auto-Responder with GetResponse

If If there's one thing every single marketer will be in complete agreement on, it's that you must be building your list of email subscribers.

Getresponse is an example of a cost effective auto-responder great for beginners / intermediate.

GetResponse homepage image

An auto-responder helps you manage your subscribers, and automate parts your business by being able to write pre-written emails that will go out to your leads automatically after they join through your opt-in page.

Your list of subscribers will become your greatest asset in your business.


1.   FREE TRAFFIC -- It's a completely free source of warm, targeted traffic that you can tap into and engage with on an ongoing basis as you build your brand and following.

2.   QUALIFIED LEADS -- These are people who have already been in contact with your brand, and are familiar with you. Either they have already consumed your content, or perhaps even purchased from you before. This makes them highly qualified.

3.   YOU OWN THE ASSET -- When you are working off a 3rd party platform, like YouTube, Google, Facebook... there's always a chance that

GetResponse is one example of an easy-to-use platform that's great for beginners.

GetResponse Email Autoresponder Calendar View Shadow



The Two Pages You Need to Make a Funnel Work

Now that you have a website name for your promotion, and a new email campaign setup...  it's time to build our two page funnel.

1.   OPT-IN PAGE -- otherwise known as a capture page (or landing page), this is typically the page that people 'land' on after they click on your ad, or possibly after they have consumed a piece of content and want to learn more (e.g. after a Blog post, Facebook post or Youtube video).

  • Paid Ad (Google Ad / Display Ad / Banner)  →  Opt-in page 
  • Blog Post  →  Opt-in page
  • Facebook Post (or Facebook Ad)  →  Opt-in page
  • YouTube Video  →  Opt-in page

2.   BRIDGE PAGE -- A Bridge Page is a page that delivers your lead magnet, which is what you are offering on your Opt-In Page. It doesn't deliver the product... but sort of pre-frames or introduces the product.

Creating Your Two Page Affiliate Funnel

It's very simple to create a 2 page affiliate marketing funnel.

With a software like ClickFunnels the steps would be;

  1.  In your ClickFunnels back office, select 'Create New Funnel'  >  then select 'Bridge Funnel'
  2.  Choose your Optin Page & Bridge Page design from a range of pre-designed templates
  3.  Edit your pages with a drag-and-drop editor to make them look the way you want
  4.  Connect your Auto-responder to your optin page
  5.  Upload your Bridge Content to your Bridge Page (e.g. a YouTube video).
  6.  Add your Affiliate Link to the button of your Bridge Page - (To direct people to your affiliate offer).

HERE'S What It Looks Like...

Clickfunnels creating your bridge funnel
Clickfunnels setting your landing page2
Clickfunnels setting your bridge page

ClickFunnels is just one example of a good Funnel Building software out on the internet today.

Not only can you build affiliate marketing funnels, but you can build all types of sales funnels for your products that include the following building blocks;

Clickfunnels features
  • Capture pages / Landing pages
  • Sales pages & Thank-you pages
  • Bridge pages
  • Product reviews
  • Order forms
  • Up sells / Down sells / Cross sells
  • One Time Offers (OTO's), Upgrades
  • Order bumps
  • Product launches
  • Online courses, membership areas
  • Automated webinars...



What Will Your Bridge Content Be?... and How will You Present It?

When it comes to your bridge content, you want to consider what is the best way to "bridge the gap" between a lead (a person who clicked on your ad) - and the product sales page.

This will depend on the product or offer you're promoting, and where the traffic came from (what kind of add did they see or click on?)

steve fero smile2
Quotation marks image 03

“The GOAL here is to ADD VALUE  Before The Visitor Gets to The Product Page"


For example - if you are running an Ad that says "Top 10 items to take camping"... your bridge may be a blog post style page, with a top 10-list. Then some of these items will contain your link to take the person to the product.

If you're doing are promoting an online digital course... you may have a bridge page with a simple bridge video on it... Reviewing it... explaining what the person will get, and your experience with the course... and perhaps showcase a certain result that the course helped to you to achieve.

This way, your prospect will be in a much better position to make a buying decision that is right for them!


(Ideas For Your Content)

  • Product reviews
  • Product comparisons
  • 'Lists' - i.e. Top Tips or 5 Simple Hacks
  • How-to tutorials
  • Educational
  • Case studies
  • Document your journey
  • Your experience with XYZ... 
  • Entertain
  • Digest / VLOG
  • News / industry updates
  • Storyteling
  • Interviews / Discussions
  • Free giveaways / Discount Promotions


(The Format & Platform)

  • Use a Bridge Page in a 2 Step Affiliate Marketing Funnel 
  • Bridge Videos / YouTube 
  • Podcasts
  • Blog Posts & Articles
  • Webinar Trainings
  • PDF Downloads - checklist, report, cheat sheet
  • 1-on-1 consultations
  • 3 Part Video Training Series
  • Social Media Platforms - (Daily uploads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)

How to Structure Your Bridge Content...


An Example Outline for Your Content

INTRODUCTION & GRAB ATTENTION -  To capture leads, Initially you want to get your visitors attention, by re-stating what they came for, and what they're going to get. If your funnel was about "How to loose Belly Fat in 30 days" you might say, 

"Hi everyone it's Tom here from, and in this video I'm going to show you 7-simple ways to get rid of that stubborn body fat over the next 30-days, even if you've tried diets before and seen no results"

RELATE & RE-DEFINE THE PROBLEM -  This is where you can talk about your own experiences and/ or identify a major pain point of your target audience. When you show that you had been struggling with the same problem, it helps to build rapport and trust with your visitors.

INTRIGUE -  Now you talk about how you finally found solution to the problem. You want to talk about the result you've had. If you haven't gotten any results, then you would talk about results other people have had, and include some testimonials of people who have used the product or gone through the program.

TEACH (Optional Step)  -  If you have some results or experience with the product already, then I would highly recommend you actually teaching something at this point. It only has to be quick, it can even be one tip you've found useful. Obviously if you are completely new, you may not have experience or a direct result with the product just yet. In that case you could move straight onto the next step....

INVITE  -  This is your call to action. At the end of your video you want to invite your visitor to proceed to the next step to where they will be able to get more information, or to complete the training you started with them in this video. This will send them to your affiliate offer.



Link tracking is also an important component. It's a way to track all your clicks, where your traffic is comping from, and gives you the ability to see where your sales and your conversions are coming from.

  • Trak clicks, optin's & conversions
  • Manage all links from a central Hub
  • Easily change / update links from one place
  • Use your data for proof / case studies
  • Stealth cloak & protect your links
  • Link shortening - made long ugly links look pretty & increase click rates
Click Magick Homepage
ClickMagick conversion rates 1



Ok now that you've got everything setup in your affiliate marketing campaign, which is made up of;

  1. A Simple Affiliate Marketing Funnel - capture leads, deliver value based content, then link to your affiliate offer.
  2. An email auto-responder - a set of 3, 5 or 7 automated emails that will follow up with your leads

... now you want to start sending traffic to your content.

Traffic Sources

Website traffic is just about getting 'people' to your website. It's getting eyeballs onto your offer, that is... getting people who are interested in your topic, to see your offer.

You can have the best car in the world, with the most powerful engine... but without any fuel running through the system... that car aint goin' nowhere!

It's the same thing with getting web traffic to run through your funnel.

web traffic is fuel

Your affiliate funnel is the engine that's going to run your business.

But in order for the engine to run (converting web-traffic into sales)... you need to feed it with fuel.

Vick Strizheus
Quotation marks image 03

Traffic is the Life Blood of your Business! 

All Success Online comes down to your ability to GET Traffic... and then your Ability to CONVERT That Traffic to Sales”

- Vick Strizheus - Super Affiliate

Picking a Traffic Strategy

There are literally so many different ways to generate website-traffic.

Here are just some ideas;

Traffic getting methods

Remember, when it comes to getting traffic there are two types,

- PAID ADVERTISING :     Get's fast results but takes upfront investment. - It would require a monthly budget (can start at $5-10 a day .. $150-300/month).

- FREE ORGANIC TRAFFIC :   Takes time to build up your traffic flow - It Takes Patience & Consistency, but there's no monetary investment (usually takes 3 weeks of daily consistent effort to break inertia and start getting results you can build upon).

Here are brief examples of some of the more common types of getting website traffic that businesses commonly use;

Examples of Free Traffic Methods

flexitive social facebook square 1

Facebook -  Here you would post content daily using the RVL method "Results" style posts, "Value" style posts and "Lifestyle" based posts.

Create engaging content for your market, and every now and then place an offer for your product or services.

To learn more about this method - go here for more info

flexitive social instagram square 1

Instagram -  This is a pretty simple strategy. You simply want to post daily, and you would have an affiliate link placed in your Profile description. When people see your posts and follow you, curiosity will cause them to click on your link.

YouTube homepage 2

YouTube Marketing -  Upload video content on YouTube on a consistent basis. It's free to create a channel and upload videos. In this strategy you would simply place affiliate links in your video descriptions.

Warrior Forum icon

Forum Marketing -  Simply spend at least half an hour a day going through forums, participating in discussions and answering peoples' questions. Usually on Forums you can place a link in your user signature. When people see you are contributing with great answers and tips, they will naturally want to click on your link to learn more about you.


SEO Marketing -  This is about creating content (Typically Blog Posts) that will rank in search engine results, like on the Google, Bing or Yahoo search platforms. Your aim would be to get your content to display on the first page for popular search terms.

Examples of Paid Traffic Methods

Google Adwords Bing PPC icon logo

Search PPC - (Pay per Click Advertising) -  Search advertising with Google or Bing PPC is a great source of traffic because you are targeting motivated people who are looking for solutions... that is people who are going in and actually typing into Google "How to do XYZ". You are effectively paying to get a listing on the first page of the search results.

Facebook ad

Facebook Ads - (Social PPC)  -  Create paid ads that show up in the news feed. The great thing about Facebook ads is their targeting, where you can set your ad to display to people with certain interests or demographics that you choose.

Revcontent Ads example native ads

Display Media - (Native Ads)  -  These are sponsored ads that show up on websites. Native ads are ads that are designed to look like the natural content of the website.

remarketing example designs banner ads 1

Banner Ads  -  Banner ads are typical ads you see on authoritative websites, like or



Building a full WordPress website is a bonus step in this process, because it's not 100% required to succeed as an affiliate.

... AND, I've mentioned that it's an 'advanced' steponly because unlike building & running normal affiliate campaigns, building out a full website will take the most time, especially if you are new and not familiar with the WordPress interface and how Blogs work in general.

I definitely recommend all serious marketers & business owners to have full website... but just realise it's more of a long term game (unless you are happy to spend the money and hire a developer).

paid traffic sources

Benefits of A Blog

However the benefits of having a website are;

  • Increase your credibility online
  • Position yourself as an authority in your space
  • Help with your branding
  • A place people can go to learn more about you and your services
  • Used as a central HUB to create and distribute your content
  • Another source of traffic if your pages rank in search engines
OSR Image of the Online System Reviews Website

Building a website is not the main focus of this article (which is to get started with affiliate marketing), however when building a website, keep in mind there are really 2 x things to consider;

Your Website's 'Theme'

Your Theme is the overall "look & Feel" of your site. It's like the skin, the layout, the fonts and spacings, how the menu and footer looks.

Your Theme could be compared to the different style of phones... like the difference between the look & feel of an iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy.... they both have similar function... but each have a different style, look and feel.

'Plugins' for Added functionality

Plugins can be though of like the individual  apps ON your phone.

Different Plugins can be added to your website to increase functionality to your site, like adding social sharing links, options for displaying ads, analytics, lead generation functions etc.

To read about some of the WordPress plugins we recommended  check out our Top List of Plugins for Affiliate Marketers post.


CASE STUDIES - Examples of Affiliate Campaigns

Ok phew... so we've gone through the 7-Steps to creating affiliate marketing campaigns.

Let's now take a look at some examples of campaigns used by some of the industries top leaders, marketers, and super-affiliates who have become extremely successful in promoting and selling affiliate products online.

As you check out these affiliate campaigns, look out for the similarity in the way they are all built out

Example 1 -

Basic Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Affiliate Superheroes Basic Affiliate Funnel

Example 2 -

Network Marketing Funnel

Black ops underground funnel text top
Darren Little2 424x424 small arrow

Darren Little

  • 35+ years in Network Marketing / Online Marking
  • Teaches free Facebook traffic formula - (zero paid ads required)
  • Does Live Facebook Recruiting - Actually show people how to recruit new reps into any business in REAL TIME, Live on screen.

Current Training

Darren teaches his Recruiting Method & free Facebook traffic strategy inside Black Ops Underground Marketing.

Example 3 -

Promoting a Digital Marketing Course

Four Percent Group 4percent Basic Funnel 2 2
Vick Strizheus Review Online System Reviews arrow2

Vick Strizheus

  • 14+ years online as an Affiliate, reaching Super Affiliate Status.
  • Dubbed the 'King of Online Traffic'
  • Founder of Four Percent Group, an online training centre for Affiliate Marketing.

Current Training

Vick teaches affiliate marketing & paid traffic generation in his step-by-step guided video course inside of the Four Percent Group.

Example 4 -

Promoting an ECOMMERCE Course

ECOM entrepreneur funnel text top

This is another funnel created by Vick Strizheus, that is designed to sell a E-Com training course inside of the Four Percent Group.

Notice in this scenario... the bridge content is not just a single video on a bridge page... it's a 4 part video training series.

This is a little more advance, but very effective, because each video teaches one particular topic... and then leads into the offer, for example;

4 Part Bridge Video Series - Example Outline:

  • Video 1:  How to find a product to sell
  • Video 2:  How to create you Instagram page and products website
  • Video 3: How to get traffic and make your first sales
  • Video 4: How to Scale & Grow your sales... & INTRODUCE your primary offer for further training

Example 5 -

Promoting a YouTube Course

TTM funnel tibe traffic mastery text top4
jon penberthy author

Jon Penberthy

  • Well known Affiliate Marketer
  • 10+ years experience marketing online
  • Teaches various topics including Affiliate Marketing, YouTube Free Traffic, YouTube Paid Ads, Facebook Ads, Running Webinars

Current Training

To be added



Not only can you build affiliate marketing funnels, but you can build all types of sales funnels for your products that include the following building blocks;

For Beginners

If you're completely new to the online marketing world, and want the most cost effective way to get some real education into how to properly market and sell products online, I would definitely recommend reading a book called DOTCOM SECRETS.

The book is free (as long as you cover shipping), and is probably the best way to learn what's required to succeed online.

dotcom secrets book group image

Free Affiliate Bootcamp (free)

Another great way to get started with affiliate marketing training is from Russel Brunson's Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.

Again, it's some great free training on affiliate marketing from a proven affiliate expert.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Advanced Training

Do you Want to Learn Free Traffic... and save on Advertising Costs?

Typically you need at least a $250-500/month budget to run paid ads.

If you're worried about blowing a budget on paid ads that don't work, or products that don't convert... it might be worth while learning to master a free traffic strategy instead.

Black Ops Underground Marketing is a paid program teaches the skill set of how to network and make high ticket sales on Facebook without having to spend a Penny on PAID ADS!



Hmm this all sounds like a lot of work.. Do I really need all this to succeed online?

Website Vs Funnel?... Do I really need both?

Is this the only way to do affiliate marketing?

I'm not TECHY... can I still do all this?

Is there more detailed training on how to set all this up?

How long (realistically) will it take to set this all up?

ThankYou for reading our guide on Affiliate Marketing

If you have any questions... feel free to reach out to me directly on Facebook and send me a message.

steve fero smile2
Email sig 3

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